Patient Specific Slings


MySling patient specific slings are designed to be used by an individual patient and disposed of at the end of their stay, thereby helping reduce the risk of cross-infection. They are much more comfortable and longer lasting than standard disposable slings. They can also be immersed in water without degrading their comfort or strength and are therefore ideal for use in a hygiene environment.



Easy to fit and yet very supportive, for general transfer purposes

Supports the entire body, ideal for those with poor head/trunk stability



Provides a reclining sitting posture, suitable for many patients

Large opening around the seat facilitates access for dressing and undressing

Amputee Clip


For bilateral or unilateral amputee patients; with head support and commode aperture

For bilateral or unilateral amputee patients; with looped attachments

Sit To Stand


For clients with some weight bearing ability, ideal for toileting/general rehabilitation