Make savings with our wide range of high quality slings

Focused on safety and patient comfort

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Innovative design using advanced materials

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Unique v-comfort design improves patient comfort

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Patient Specific

Save costs by reducing waste and using fewer slings

Durable & safe - our beds are ideal for equipment services

Bed frames guaranteed to last at least 10 years!

New Easy-Click side rails

The new Dali is Safer, Easier and Faster to use. Side rails are fitted and removed quickly and easily without the use of tools.

Allura plus-size

The Allura is the perfect bariatric loan store bed – designed for ease of transport and installation with a SWL of 250kg.
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Access an existing shower or bath without remodelling your bathroom.

Tempur-Med foam outperforms dynamic systems in prevention of pressure wounds

Superfine In-bed System

Helping single carers with patient repositioning.
Also available with handles

Silentia EasyClean

Flexible privacy

Silentia hard surface, folding screens are easy to clean, provide better privacy and come in a stunning range of designs.