Bariatric Showering

Lisclare are distributors of Lopital’s bariatric shower chairs throughout the UK and Ireland.  View both options below.

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Elexo XXL Shower-Toilet Chair Lopital

Elexo XXL Shower-toilet chair

Caring for Bariatric clients with traditional shower-toilet chairs is heavy work. Care staff are obliged to work in unnatural postures and suffer from static back strain.

The electric height-adjustability ensures that the seat reaches a maximum tilting angle of 17 degree when at its maximum height, thereby creating the optimum seating balance for the client / resident.

The Elexo XXL provides comfort with the ergonomically shaped seat, calf support and foldable extended armrests.

Tango XXL Shower-toilet chair

The Tango XXL is a shower-toilet chair providing Bariatric client / resident care in a responsible manner.

The Tango provides optimum comfort for the caregiver as well as the client.

The Tango XXL can be used as a shower-chair as well as a toilet-chair that can be wheeled over the toilet.. The extra seat Width and depth and the attractive design makes the Tango XXL chair a nice looking and user-friendly product caring for Bariatric clients.

Tango XXL Bariatric Shower Chair