Our range of nursing beds include the Dali Eco bed,  market leader in equipment services for over 20 years.   It also includes bariatric beds, paediatric beds, and our innovative low level bed and double nursing profiling bed.

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The particular advantage of the Lenus bed is it’s large height adjustment range of 15cm to 80cm.  This means the patient is safer in a low level bed, but their won’t be any unnecessary back strain on the carer as the bed rises to a safe working height.

The side rails, head and footboards of the Regia can be easily reconfigured without using tools to suit your needs

Regia Double Nursing Bed

The Regia double bed offers a safe and practical solution enabling couples to stay together in the same bed when one of them requires nursing care.

The two halves can be easily separated and re-joined to allow nursing care to be given from either side.  Each side of the Regia double bed can function as a fully independent single bed with its own handset.

This enables couples to either spend the night together or in separate rooms.

Regia Homecare Nursing Bed - Patient Sitting


The comfortable, visually appealing Regia, a low-height bed with split safety sides, protects against fall injuries without restricting mobility. It sets the highest standards in the field of beds for private customers and is  also available as Regia partner in a practical double bed version.

Dali Eco

The Dali’s tried and tested design has been the market leader in equipment services for over 20 years.

Our customers love the Dali for its robust design, ease of assembly and wide range of accessories.

The Dali family includes low, short and washable versions which share many common components helping you standardise training and simplify maintenance.

Dali Standard | Nursing bed

Junior Bed

The Junior bed provides a safe sleeping space for children and small adults. A wide range of padded accessories can provide added protection where the user is prone to involuntary movement. Perfect for community equipment services, the Junior bed is easy to transport, install and recycle.

Conforms to children’s bed standard BS EN 50637:2017.

Oasis Cot

A safe, robust and highly configurable sleeping environment for children.

Bi-folding doors and a hi-lo function provide easy access for nursing care. Full 4-section profiling maximises comfort as well as meeting clinical needs. The Oasis has all the features you would expect from a nursing bed including front-rear tilt (anti-trendelenburg), electric height, backrest, knee break and foot rest adjustment and chair position.

wide nursing bed

Allura II

The plus size nursing bed ideal for community equipment services

The Allura II splits into four lightweight sections and can be stored vertically on its own transport kit.

Strong enough to cope with the majority of plus size clients, the Allura II allows equipment services to standardise on one bed and minimise the need for costly specials.


The Inovia is packed with innovative ideas and is a very versatile homecare bed.

With a safe working load of 225kg (36 stone) and a 100cm wider platform option, the bed is ideal for bariatric clients.

The Inovia’s good looks and functionality can be enhanced by a choice of continuous or split side rails. The low entry height of 22cm makes the Inovia a very versatile homecare bed.

Inovia Patient Bed


Heavier people in care need more space and special protection. Our Gigant heavy-duty bed was designed to meet these requirements –

Robust steel grating mattress base

Mattress base dimensions 120 x 200 cm, outside dimensions 135 x 222 cm

Safe working load 350 kg, maximum patient weight 280 kg

Headboard/footboard with attractive wooden surrounds

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