Combining a floor level bed for the patient with a safe working height for the carer

The particular advantage of the Lenus bed is it’s large height adjustment range of 15cm to 80cm.  This means the patient is safer in a low level bed, but their won’t be any unnecessary back strain on the carer as the bed rises to a safe working height.

Key features

  • Safe working load 225 kg
  • Large height adjustment range of 15cm to 80cm
  • Integrated 20cm bed extension for tall people
  • Tool-free installation of full-length safety side with Easy Click
  • Choice of finish for high quality bed

Low level safety

With a lowest platform height of 15cm, this bed helps promote fall prevention without the added restriction of side rails during the night.

Lenus Bed Safe Working Height

Safe working height

The large height adjustment range of 15cm to 80cm allows a carer nursing access to look after their patient.

Lenus Bed Sitting Position

Seated position

Full profiling and front/rear tilt allows the bed to be adjusted into a comfortable seated position.

Easy Switch design

The side rails, head and footboards of the Regia can be easily reconfigured without using tools to suit your needs. Watch the video to find out more about the the bed’s modular “Easy Switch” design.

Overall dimensions99 x 237 cm
4-section mattress base, sliding backrest, motorised adjustment of lower leg rest 90 x 200 cm
Safe working load225 kg
Bed weight123 kg
Reverse Trendelenburg position12°