The Regia double bed offers a safe and practical solution enabling couples to stay together in the same bed when one of them requires nursing care.

10 year guarantee on bed frame
Independently tested
Wide range of accessories

Key features

Low level safety

With a lowest platform height of 26cm, this bed helps promote fall prevention without the added restriction of side rails during the night.

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Seated position

Full profiling and front/rear tilt allows the bed to be adjusted into a comfortable seated position.

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Low footboard

The low footboard reduces the risk of foot pressure sores and facilitates nursing care access.

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Double or twin beds

The two halves can be easily separated and re-joined to allow nursing care to be given from either side. 

Each side of the Regia double bed can function as a fully independent single bed with its own handset.

This enables couples to either spend the night together or in separate rooms.

Safety first!

Each side of the Regia double bed are synchronised when it comes to height adjustment and front/rear tilt. This is a safety feature which eliminates any pinching hazard.

The back rest and leg sections can be adjusted independently using one of the two handsets provided for each side.

Designed for medical mattresses

The Regia double bed is compatible with standard size, medical mattresses.

This means that you can choose from a wide range of standard, pressure care mattress sizes and avoid the cost of sourcing a bespoke solution.

Easy Switch design

The side rails, head and footboards of the Regia can be easily reconfigured without using tools to suit your needs. Watch the video to find out more about the the bed’s modular “Easy Switch” design.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there any danger of entrapment between the moving parts?The bed has been designed with safety as a priority and is the first bed of its type to conform to the latest bed standards. Safety features ensure that any powered movement cannot cause entrapment. When the two sides of the bed are connected, the platform tilt functions are sychronised. Only profiling functions can be performed individually.
  • What makes the Regia different from a standard, adjustable double bed?The Regia can be easily spilt into two independent nursing beds to provide easy access for nursing care from either side of the patient while maintaining full functionality of the bed.
  • Can one half of the bed be moved to a different room?Yes, both halves of the Regia bed can be used as an independent, fully functioning, nursing bed with its own controls and power supply, This allows one of the beds to be moved to a different room if required.
  • Can the Regia be used as two separate nursing beds?Yes, both halves of the Regia bed can be used as an independent, fully functioning, nursing bed with its own hand control. This allows full flexibility to cope with changing nursing requirements.
  • What type of mattresses are compatible with the bed?The Regia is designed to be used with standard dimension pressure care mattresses allowing you to choose an appropriate solution from a wide range of mattresses from most
  • Can someone be nursed on either side of the bed?Yes, each side of the bed operates as a fully profiling, height adjustable nursing bed with its own hand control.