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Lisclare are delighted to be suppliers of the Jovie cot & Seta pro junior…

We are excited to launch Stiegelmeyer’s Jovie cot and Seta pro junior across the UK!

 The Jovie cot is advanced in it’s design and safety features and is the first model of it’s kind to conform to latest children’s bed standard EN 50637.

The Jovie cot has been specifically designed to promote the bonding phase following birth, as the height adjustment capacity allows the cot to be placed directly next to the mother’s bed. Featured side panels can also be easily lowered, to create a continuous mattress base between mother and baby.

This ergonomic height range also reduces the risk of back strain for parents and nursing staff, at a time when frequent access to the baby is needed. This could be particularly vital for women following a c-section birth, who must avoid heavy lifting.

Further safety features include a Reverse-Trendelenburg position function, which can quickly alleviate reflux symptoms in infants. Side panels are also transparent, for important constant observation of new-borns and to create a close environment between parents and baby.

Every effort has been made when developing the Jovie cot to ensure the safety and comfortability of the baby. For example, quiet gas pressure springs have been implemented to avoid waking the baby when moving the cot and soft-running double casters to protect little ones from being jolted.

The Seta pro junior is the ideal hospital bed for young people. This bed also fully conforms EN 50637 paediatric bed standards and when developing the Seta pro junior, designers made every effort to ensure the bed meets these new stringent requirements.

The Seta pro junior, with it’s sleek design, provides warmth, comfort and security to children and young teens throughout their time in hospital and promotes speedy recovery. The bed’s 78 x 180cm mattress base provides ample space for users. An external lifting pole is also available for comfortable patient repositioning.

Featured motorised adjustment allows for effortless operation and relieves strain on nursing staff. The Seta pro junior can be easily adjusted into all medical positions and has an impressive height adjustment range from 35-91cm.

Furthermore, fully integrated safety sides provide optimal protection for patients who are prone to falling and allows for quick and intuitive operation by care staff.

The Stiegelmeyer Group has been one of the leading manufacturers in medical products across the globe, for over 120 years, and have consistently developed state-of-the-art products to improve patient care. The Jovie Cot & Seta pro junior provide a solution for every child.

To find out more about these special products, click here; Jovie cot , Seta pro junior


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