Back in Feb/March 2020 we had no way of knowing what was ahead.  We could only guess what changes we needed to implement to keep our customers happy and our staff safe.  Lisclare took the steps needed to arrange for most of our staff to be able to work safely at home.  This meant that our customers, as they adapted to the changing world, could still contact Lisclare and find the solutions they needed.  We didn’t close, we didn’t only respond by email – we remained at the end of the telephone.

Just over a year ago, most of us had never heard of Zoom or Teams calls, but now that is the main way our team communicates.  It has made it easier and quicker to set up and hold meetings between both offices.  Most of our staff now have the flexibility of working from home part-time, with technology in place that means we can all fulfil our roles without travelling to the office everyday.

Our mobility showroom in Belfast has now been replaced by a suite of hot desks for our team to use when in the office.  We also now have a functional recording studio allowing our Sales Team and Assessors to provide more training to more people through Webinars and Masterclasses.  We also are able to carry out assessment via video call and talk through product trials and techniques, meaning we can help more people by reduced travel time and increased studio time.

Through necessity, the Lisclare team have evolved into a more flexible, more accessible team.  We still love to meet our customers face to face at assessments or conferences, but where time or manpower does not allow for travel, we can still be face to face, just via a video link.  Where possible, our staff are benefiting from the luxury of being able to work from home and also being part of a physical team within the office environment – results have shown this balance has led to a more efficient and effective level of work.

So, looking back, the pandemic has changed how we work, but it has morphed us into a stronger, slicker machine able to respond more quickly to our customer needs.

To find out more about video assessments or training, or indeed, face to face assessments, please get in touch with our Sales Director, Keith McMurray (


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