side rail

Imagine being able to install side rails as easily as 1… 2… Click…

Now you can with the Easy Click Side Rail system.

Easy Click side rails are fitted and removed quickly and easily without the use of tools making it simple for end users to add or remove side rails when needed.

The head and footboards of all Dali beds are supplied with brackets for the safety sides already fitted.

To install the side rails, you simply lower the ends of the bars into the holders of the brackets until you hear the ‘click’

This click means that the side rail has been placed in the bracket, and has been automatically secured by the release button.

You can now walk away knowing that the rails are fully engaged, safe and secure. 

About Burmeier:

Burmeier are the homecare division of the German bed manufacturer Stiegelmeyer. They have been making nursing beds for 120 years and are the biggest nursing bed company in Germany. Lisclare have been Burmeier’s exclusive partner in the UK and Ireland since 2002. 

The release button is now even easier to see thanks to its new bright orange colour.

The full length safety side rails are easy to operate and offer excellent protection.  They go well beyond the minimum requirements of the current standards in terms of strength and protection.  The protective height of the full length safety side on the Dali bed range is 37cm.

Both the wooden and metal versions of the side rails can load bear up to 200kg.  This allows the user to safely reposition themselves whilst in bed without risk of accident or damage.

The side rails provide protection from falls as a barrier.  When they are not required, they can easily be lowered.

To lower the safety sides, simply lift the bar slightly, then press the metal lever down over the bracket and lower the bar.

With the Easy-Click system, the side bars can be effortlessly removed as easily as they are installed.

You simply pull the orange release button forward with your thumb. The use of a screwdriver or any other tools is not necessary.  In fact they could damage the bracket.

The released bars can simply be lifted upwards and away.

A carrying bag can be bought as an accessory to store the 4 bars of the safety sides in.  This means they are always ready at hand and easy to transport together.

You can see how easy the Easy Click Side Rail System is to install, used and remove in this video…

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