The feedback on the trial was that out of a number of other companies your Emotion Lisclare slide sheets with prewashed yellow handles were one of only two companies that lasted the 20 wash cycles of our hospital laundry, as I recall that’s 60 degrees for 20 mins in Promax industrial detergent.  Then air dried then repeat.

Some sheet went beyond the 20 cycles and the end result was the Lisclare slide sheet was unchanged in size and shape the sliding surface was not effected or damaged by the process, and crucially when tried in simulated clinical use it performed broadly the same post 20 cycles as it did from new.

For your information some other companies who brand their slide sheets as ‘washable’ did not survive this process and had deteriorated to the extent they were completely unusable.

Martin Thomas

Strategic Manual Handling Adviser (Health Board Heritage Lead)

Swansea Bay University Health Board


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