Maintaining dignity with single carer handling techniques

This is an interactive workshop is for anyone caring for people with limited mobility or poor physical control such as the elderly, those in palliative care or people with a learning disability. Our in-house trainers will present a range of techniques and equipment aimed at assisting you in your daily work. Techniques covered will include:

  • Using in-bed positioning systems, minimising steps to turn, reducing shear and friction
  • Positioning for comfort and pressure relief using rolls and pillows
  • Preventing slippage down the bed and re-positioning up the bed
  • Using all-day (in-situ) slings

There will be an opportunity to see the following equipment:

  • emotion in-bed system
  • Curera positioning rolls & cushions
  • emotion slide sheets
  • Positioning Gloves

Duration: Half day (lunch and refreshments will be provided)

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