Plus Size: A New Standard In Beds

For many years Plus Size has meant Plus Cost.

Plus Size (or bariatric) beds used to be considered a special, single purchase. The choice of bed would come out of a joint assessment usually between the clinical specialist and the bed supplier. As a standalone purchase there is limited scope for price negotiation and without a large range to choose from the bed may well end up over-specified and therefore over-priced.

There are an increasing number of users now in the Plus Size category. If your equipment service hasn’t done so already, it should consider including a Plus Size bed as standard issue stock. Standardisation will deliver costs savings both by increasing your buying power and by reducing over-specification of equipment.

Allura II – Mediatric Bed

Allura - metal platform
It has long been recognised that the majority of Plus Size users do not require high-end Plus Size equipment, giving rise in recent years to the term “Mediatric”. Community beds conforming to the European Standards must cope with users weighing up to at least 135kg (21st). Anyone over this weight can therefore be considered “Mediatric”. The upper limit for “Mediatric” is not defined, however 220kg (35st) is a common cut-off point used by equipment manufacturers. With a safe working load of 250kg (40st) the Allura II will accommodate 95% of your Plus Size users.

The Allura II may be a “Mediatric” Plus size bed, but it bears a lot of similarities to our very successful standard community bed, the Dali II. The Allura is easily split into 4 sections and can be mounted on its own transport kit for ease of transportation and installation. Light-weight individual sections mean that installation only requires one person, helping you save on labour costs. The Allura II’s new design has added protection against failure should the bed be overloaded.

The standard Allura is 120cm wide and is also suitable for non-plus size users who require additional width for personal comfort. Where space is an issue, we also supply the Allura in 90cm and 100cm widths. These beds also facilitate better access for the care worker and reduces their need to stretch across the bed when providing care.

Its height range of 30 – 80cm also make the Allura an effective low entry bed.

Ideal for community equipment services

The Allura is a true community equipment service bed with a Plus Size capacity, but with standard design and features.

Lisclare has been supplying nursing beds to equipment loan stores for over 15 years. We know how to build beds which will withstand the rigors of loan store recycling and are robust enough to deliver many years of trouble free service. We also know that you require your beds to be safe and conform to all the current regulations which is why we don’t cut corners when it comes to testing and certification.

The Allura II is available in a variety of widths from 90cm to 120cm (4 feet).

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