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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Regia Partner Bed which is the result of development between Lisclare and the German manufacturer, Burmeier.

When a spouse or partner requires nursing care, it usually means an end to sharing the same bed and possibly the same room. This is often a time of traumatic change in their lives when the last thing the need is separation.

Wide nursing beds are available; however, they are generally designed for one patient who is either plus-size or requires more space in the bed. At 120cm or 140cm wide they would not provide enough comfort for two people to share. Since medical mattresses are usually at least 90cm wide, both partners would have to share the same mattresses which, in most cases, would not be practical.

Double nursing beds also have a fundamental limitation, in that nursing care is only practical from one side of the bed.

Some manufacturers have created bespoke solutions, however the price is often prohibitive, and the result may not conform to current safety standards.

About Burmeier:

Burmeier are the homecare division of the German bed manufacturer Stiegelmeyer. They have been making nursing beds for 120 years and are the biggest nursing bed company in Germany. Lisclare have been Burmeier’s exclusive partner in the UK and Ireland since 2002.

The new Regia Partner Bed by Burmeier 

The Regia Partner Bed provides individual comfort and protection for couples. It has safety features specifically designed for two people sharing a bed and conforms fully to the latest bed safety standards. The two halves of this double bed can easily be separated and re-joined allowing carers access to the patient from either side. In a recent Webinar hosted by Lisclare, we included video clips of the bed being separated and re-joined. You can view the full webinar here.

In a hospice or nursing home situation, this means that the bed can be used as two separate nursing beds for two patients, but if the need arose for a partner bed, they can easily be brought back together again.

The backrest and leg rests on the two mattresses can be adjusted independently of each other. This means that one person can be sitting up reading whilst their partner sleeps. Each half of the bed has their own handset to accommodate this.

Each half of the central platform of the bed moves synchronously within its full height adjustment range of 26 to 80 cm and when it tilts to the reverse-Trendelenburg position preventing any trapping hazards.

The bed can also adjusts to provide a comfortable sitting position allowing the patient to take sit up for meals in bed and to converse with others at eye level.

Burmeier’s ‘Easy Switch’ system on the Regia Partner Bed System means that the bed can be adapted to meet the exact needs of the person using it. The bed can also be reconfigured as their condition changes. You can change the way the bed looks to suit personal choices and clinical needs.

The bed can be adapted through 4 stages as the patient’s clinical needs determine, as shown in this video:

  • Where the patient is largely independent and can get in and out of the bed themselves.
  • Where additional support is required for the patient to get themselves out of bed.
  • If a stand aid is required, side rails can be lowered to ease transfer
  • Full fall protection is supplied by highly configurable side rails

The Regia Partner Bed features a low footboard which eliminates contact with the patient’s feet. This reduces the risk of pressure sore injuries and makes it easier for the carer to access the patient. If need be, the headboard and footboard can be removed easily.

We recently hosted a webinar with OTAC showcasing the Regia Partner bed, which you can watch here.

Visit our website for more information on the Regia Partner Bed System.



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