This video shows Gavin explaining the difference using Showerbuddy made to him, his carers, and his flatmate. 

In 2005, Gavin broke his neck.  He spent 6 months in hospital and was nursed and rehabilitated back to health.  However, when he came home, the reality of the situation became overwhelming.  

He realised how many obstacles he was going to need to overcome on a daily basis.  One of the major obstacles was showering.  One of his carers came up with a temporary solution but is provided a slipping hazard and was cumbersome for his carers to use and also for his flatmate to remove so he could use the shower.  

Someone told him about Showerbuddy and the Showerbuddy SB1 unit was installed.  It took minutes and very little effort to install, removed all risk of flooding and slip hazards, and changed his showering experience from a stressful and potentially hazardous chore to a safe and pleasurable one. 

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About Showerbuddy 

The Showerbuddy range is designed in New Zealand by a team of bathroom mobility experts and industrial designers.  The range of products work with most shower units, bathtub units and roll-in showers.   

SB1 Showerbuddy offers easy transfer into a step-in shower – no modifications required.  This product allows mobility-impaired users to be easily transferred into a step-in shower or over a toilet. 

The product means no heavy lifting at shower time and you don’t need to carry out expensive remodelling.  You can set the Showerbuddy up and use it in under an hour and it is built with durable materials.  This is the model Gavin is talking about in the YouTube video above. 

For homes with a bathtub shower, the SB2 TubBuddy’s raised bridge and base system allows individuals clearance and an ease of access to make the showering process much more comfortable and relaxing for both user and carer. 

It provides full tub stability and a full featured toilet chair.  It easily transfers the user to most bathtubs without requiring bathroom modifications.  As always this Showerbuddy product is made form highly durable and waterproof materials. 

The SB2t TubBuddy Tilt brings all the benefits of the TubBuddy, with the additional maneuverability of a tilt function to clear the user’s legs over the bath.  The 0 – 30 degree tilt means in-home carers can lean users back to clear their legs over the side of a bathtub-style shower.  This means it is more comfortable for the user and makes transfer much easier for the carer.  It also gives valuable pressure relief for the users comfort and weight distribution.

The SB3t Roll-InBuddy Tilt is perfect mobility companion for roll-in showers.  It has been designed to help carers shower users with greater comfort and ease.  It’s tilt function is great for alleviating pre3ssure from a seated position and provides better access during bathing.  The carer can control the tilt from either the left or right hand side with an interchangeable tilt release lever.  Included neck and feet rests help keep the user secure and comfortable during showering.   

We recently hosted a webinar with OTAC and Barry from Showerbuddy showcasing the range which you can watch here

Visit our website for more information on Showerbuddy.

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