We are delighted to have launched our new Silentia Screens website – silentiascreens.com

As distributors in UK and Ireland for Silentia we wanted a new website to allow us to showcase this innovative product.

Silentia screens are designed and manufactured in Sweden. First introduced to Swedish hospitals in1990, Silentia represented a completely new and welcome approach to patient privacy. The screens had many advantages compared to curtains, including allowing daylight into a room, being easy to clean without being removed, and preserving patient privacy without interfering with ceiling lifts and other equipment. Users also appreciated the improved acoustic privacy. Since 1990, Silentia screens have revolutionised patient privacy around the world and has become the leading alternative when it comes to flexible and practical screen solutions in hospitals and all other care environments.

The screens come in 5 formats: –

  • Mobile folding screens
  • Bed End Screens
  • Wall Mounted Screens
  • Shower Screens
  • Clear Panels

They are available in range of colours and there is also the option to design your own screen using Silentia’s new online design configurator to create PhotoPanels™.  A range of StoryPanels™ are available to make environments where children need privacy more ‘child-friendly’.  ArtPanels™ add bright colours of nature to the screens giving the patient a stress-reducing effect by letting them focus on something positive instead of their condition.

“Clinical staff say the screens are easier to clean and patients feel they are better for their privacy.” Belinda Williamson, Matron, North Walsham Hospital.

You can browse our case studies online and also look at the different solutions available.  This hygienic alternative to hospital curtains is so adaptable there is the perfect solution available for anywhere that privacy is needed.




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