What happens when Plus Size is also Plus height?

Bed extensions are the perfect solution for the taller client, mattress extensions however can leave the client at higher risk of developing ulcers. A mattress extension or “squab” is a piece of foam used to fill the gap created by the bed extension between the end of the mattress and the foot board.
The squab will not generally provide the same level of pressure reduction recommended for the client. Furthermore, the squab is placed under the heels, which are very vulnerable to pressure ulcers. For this reason, our 5Zon Plus, Area Zone and Uno plus size mattresses come in extra long versions to suit extended beds. This eliminates the need for a squab and ensures that your client’s heels get the pressure reduction they require.
Optimal 5zon Plus

"A successful investment because we are now preventing pressure ulcers marvellously"Operations Manager, Uppsala - 5zon Plus

The 5Zon Plus and Area Zone provide highly effective, maintenance free pressure care whilst the Uno provides dynamic relief even when the client is sitting up thanks to it's intelligent seat function.
CuroCell UNO

"UNO is awarded 10/10 by me! I do not want any other mattress than this one"Male sufferer of Nerve damage, 15 stone

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