Why the new Area Zone Pump Free mattress makes the ideal pressure care solution for the community

Ideal for patients in the community



The Area Zone provides a silent and maintenance free pressure care solution.

We understand that caring for someone in their own home provides different challenges compared to caring for someone in hospital and that an acute hospital mattress may not always be the best choice for the community.

For example, a breakdown can be dealt with relatively quickly in hospital, however it may take a lot more time to fix or even be detected in the home. Therefore, reliability is an important factor in determining community patient outcomes.

having been supplied standard stock mattresses previously, which she could not tolerate as she sleeps in an elevated position, provision of this mattress has surpassed her own expectations of comfortFemale with T3 Paraplegia, 24 stone

Noise also has a much greater impact in the community. Alternating mattresses are just one constant noise patients have to put up with in hospital. However, people expect to be able to enjoy peace and quiet to have a good night’s rest in the comfort of their own home. Pumps, no matter how quiet, will always generate some sort of noise or vibration which can be distressing for the client.

Area Zone

The Area Zone’s combination of foam, air-filled pockets and unique anti-shear cover system makes it suitable for those at a high risk of developing a pressure ulcer and can even be used as part of a therapy program for those who already have a pressure ulcer up to category 3.

The Area Zone does not use a pump and is therefore virtually maintenance free and extremely reliable.

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