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Cuddle Cot

The friendly, standard compliant children’s bed 

Why choose the Cuddle Cot?

This Cuddle Cot is fully compliant to latest EN 50637 children’ bed standards and is perfect for paediatric wards, as all surfaces are free from cracks or hazardous edges.

Patient safety is enhanced with the Cuddle Cot, as the dimensions of the base guarantee stability, even when there may an unbalanced load or jumping and multiple buttons must be simultaneously pressed when activating the bed, to avoid accidental movement.

The transparent safety sides allow for constant observation of infants; and help to promote patient well-being and to avoid feelings of claustrophobia whilst in the bed. These panels can be easily lowered in seconds by carers, in case of an emergency situation.

The Cuddle cot is also modern and ergonomic in design, as leads can be fitted through slots in the head and foot boards, allowing the bedsides to be free from clutter. 


Key Features

  • Tested compliance with EN 50637 standards
  • Safety sides reach height of 80.4cm
  • Sides can be lowered in seconds
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg position up to 12°
  • Control box safely locked away in compartment
  • Simple & Modern design
  • Linked, rounded surfaces easy to clean

Transparent Safety Side 

Provide an unobstructed view of the             patient and a protective side height          of 80.4cm   


Aluminium Bars Safety Side 

Allows for contact with the patient and a                      protective side height                        of 80.4cm      


Features of EN 50637 Standard

  • Side height of at least 27.5cm
  • No accessible holes with depth
  • Gaps between moving parts at base must be under 3mm
  • Gaps between sides & mattress dimensioned to prevent entrapment of limbs
  • Edges must not pose risk of injury
  • Side, head and foot panels tested for strength


Feature Cuddle Cot
Safe working load 100kg
External L x W x H 162.2 x 86.4 x 57.2 cm
Mattress base height 70.7-110.7cm
Tilting adjustment 12 °

Beds Standards & Conformity

The Cuddle Cot conforms to the current standard for nursing beds for children BS EN 50637:2017. All our beds have been tested well beyond the minimum requirements. Rather than performing self-certification, our beds are rigorously tested by Berlin Cert, an independent certification and notified body. This provides our customers with independent assurance that our beds will provide many years of safe and reliable service at a low total cost of ownership.

How to order

If you are interested in purchasing this product, please get in touch using this form, or by calling us directly on 0300 303 4790 or if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland 01 633 2020