Product Page Image Dyna Foam Mercury

Dyna-Form Mercury

Why choose the Dyna-Form Mercury Mattress?

The Dyna-Foam Mercury Mattress is specifically designed for users considered to be at high risk of pressure ulcer development.  Comprising of a specialist ‘castellated cut’ and blends of the finest quality Combustion Modified Ether foam (CME) this product provides not only the best pressure re-distribution properties, but great patient comfort and product longevity.

Key Features

  • Smaller castellated cells for heels and larger cells sacrally
  • Prevents patient bottoming out & aids patient transfer
  • Fully high frequency welded cover
  • Toughened PU / non-slip base
  • Full replaceable parts which ensures great value for money
  • Weight limit of 40 stone / 254kg

How to order

If you are interested in finding out more about the Dyna-Form Mercury Mattress, please get in touch using this form, or by calling us directly on 0300 303 4790 or if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland 01 633 2020