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EasyGlide Oval

For supine transfers, in-chair positioning and assisting placement of lifting slings

Why choose the EasyGlide Oval?

EasyGlide, oval is a sliding board which is used for supine transfers from one bed or stretcher to another but also for positioning higher up in the bed. EasyGlide, oval can also be used to assist placement of a lifting sling both in the recumbent and in seated positions. EasyGlide, oval is used when the gap is max. 5 cm/1.97”. For safety reasons EasyGlide, oval should have a firm underlying surface on both sides when transferring. The rounded shape and the smooth, low-friction top surface provide for easy sliding transfers and make the sliding board very easy to position and remove.

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Key Features

  • Thin rounded shape and smooth top surface provides for easy positioning, sliding transfers and removal.
  • Useful when the user cannot be turned to the side
  • Facilitates the placing of an x-ray cassette
  • Very easy to use, quick-guide on the underside
  • Hygienic – can be disinfected with 70% ethanol, 45% isopropanol or similar after use
  • Choice of finish for high quality bed

The new, smaller version of EasyGlide Oval are used in pair to facilitate positioning further back in the chair. Using EasyGlide a more active user can push or shuffle themselves backwards in the chair into a correct and comfortable position.

The sliding boards are small and convenient with soft, round shapes and smooth surfaces – features which make them very easy to place and remove and to always have readily available.

With FootStool as a support under the user’s feet it is very easy for the caregiver to place the sliding boards under the user’s thighs and seat.  When sitting on the board, one EasyGlide on each side, the pressure from the user’s weight is distributed over the soft surface.  This contributes to eliminating the friction and allows the caregiver to, without effort, assist the user in sliding backwards in the chair to a comfortable and stable seated position.

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How to order

If you are interested in finding out more about the EasyGlide Oval, please get in touch using this form, or by calling us directly on 0300 303 4790 or if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland 01 633 2020