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For sitting transfers to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, car seats and many other seated positions.

Why choose the EasyGlide?

The sliding board EasyGlide is an ingenious invention which is especially suitable for levelling out height differences and for bridging short distances.

EasyGlide is made of strong polyethylene and is available in two models and different sizes. The longer versions are especially suitable for transfers from wheelchair to car.  The flexible three-part sliding board features foldable long sides and is easy to place in front of the wheels of a wheelchair to protect against soiling.

The rounded corners and the smooth, low-friction top surface provide for easy sliding transfers and make the sliding board very easy to position and remove. The double anti-slip tape on the underside prevents the board from sliding against the underlying surface during transfer.  EasyGlide is easy to transport and very convenient to always have close at hands.


Key Features

  • Two models, different sizes available
  • The long sides of EasyGlide 5020 and 5050 can be folded to protect clothing from the wheels of the wheelchair
  • Rounded corners and a smooth, low friction top surface for easy positioning, sliding transfers and removal
  • Anti-slip protection on the underside provides for safety and security
  • Very easy to use, quick guide on the underside
  • Hygienic – can be disinfected with 70% ethanol, 45% isopropanol or similar after use
  • Easy to transport and very convenient to always have close at hand

How to order

If you are interested in finding out more about the EasyGlide, please get in touch using this form, or by calling us directly on 0300 303 4790 or if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland 01 633 2020