Inovia patient bed


Ideal for nursing home and residential settings, this patient bed comes with different colour options available to suit the end users.

Why Choose the Inovia patient bed?

  • The Inovia patient bed is packed with innovative ideas and is a very versatile homecare bed.
  • With a safe working load of 225kg (36 stone) and a 100cm wider platform option, the bed is ideal for bariatric clients.
  • The Inovia’s good looks and functionality can be enhanced by a choice of continuous or split side rails. The low entry height of 22cm makes the Inovia a very versatile homecare bed.

Key Features

  • Attractive and strong patient bed
  • Safe working load: 225kg (36 stone)
  • Low entry height: 22cm
  • Excellent height range: up to 77cm
  • Auto-regression backrest
  • Safe 24 volt system
  • Mattress thickness up to 22cm
  • 20cm optional extension

Telescopic safety sides

Telescopic safety sides are available for this patient bed as an alternative to the standard, full length rails. The split design gives you the option to provide fall protection and support as well as facilitating easy access for the client.


Specifications of the Inovia patient bed

Feature Inovia (90 wide) Inovia (100 wide)
Safe working load 225kg (36 stone) 225kg (36 stone)
Height range (standard) 22 – 77cm 22 – 77cm
Mattress platform 90 x 200cm 100 x 200cm
External length 222cm 222cm
External width 104cm 114cm
Bed weight 153kg 159kg
Back rest angle (max) 70° 70°
Height of siderail 44cm 44cm

How to order the Inovia patient bed

If you are interested in purchasing the Inovia patient bed please get in touch using this form, or by calling us directly on 0300 303 4790 or if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland 01 633 2020

    Inovia Patient Bed