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The Viva Range is a total mattress replacement system.

Suitable for patients with a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers or who have existing tissue damage.

The cover is made from multi-stretch, waterproof and vapour permeable fabric and comes complete with securing straps. An optional Dartex coating helps reduce moisture levels and maintain an even skin temperature.

A quiet pump and smooth cycle switching technology provide enhanced comfort and reduced noise levels for the client.

Viva 180 (Paediatric)

At 90cm wide and 180cm long this is suitable for younger clients.

17 fully alternating, mini PU air cells are combined with a 2” foam underlay providing an effective and comfortable support surface specifically designed for the smaller frame.

Viva 900 Plus

The combination of a 5” cell and 2” foam underlay provides a cost effective solution for both the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Viva 1200 (Bariatric)

Compatible with 120cm wide beds, such as the Allura II, the system is designed to suit the heavier person without compromising on comfort.

FeatureViva 180 (Paediatric)Viva 900 PlusViva 900Viva 1200 (Bariatric)
User Weight
114kg (18 st)140kg (22 st)170kg (27 st)300kg (47 st)
User Weight
25kg (4 st)32kg (5 st)32kg (5 st)80kg (13 st)
Pump Dimensions40x14x20cm40x14x20cm28x10x20.5cm40x14x20cm
Operating Cycle12 min10 min12 min12 min
Pressure Range20 ~ 70mmHg30 ~ 80mmHg30 ~ 80mmHg30 ~ 90mmHg
Mattress Weight9kg9kg7kg9kg
Pump Weight3.6kg2kg2.6kg3.6kg
Noise Level<30dB<30dB<30dB<30dB