MySling Repositioning Sheet

MySling Repositioning Sheet

Lisclare’s MySling Repositioning Sheet takes the place of the bed sheet and is there to help the carer reposition a patient that is unable to help move themselves.

The repositioning sheet can be used to turn the patient within the bed or transfer them to a stretcher or different bed.  A patient in an ICU setting will often be sedated and many pieces of medical equipment are attached to the patient as part of their life saving treatment.   This makes the turning or repositioning of such a patient even more difficult. The MySling Repositioning Sheet provides a strong, safe, yet more comfortable solution, with a reduced risk of shear and moisture on the patient’s skin.

In the current pandemic, our Repositioning Sheet has been especially useful in the acute setting for patients suffering from COVID-19 as it allows carers to complete a series of manual turns required to move a patient into a prone position. The length of time that a patient is required to stay in the prone position means the comfort and lack of straps throughout the sheet reduce the risk of tissue damage and pressure on the body.

The MySling Repositioning Sheet can be used for the duration of a patient’s stay up to 6 months in hospital, saving money and reducing waste.

The RipStop Technology used in our mesh fabric prevents tears or splits caused by snagging wrenching or moisture. The fabric is soft and strong, providing more comfort for the patient.

The strength within the fabric allows the sheet to have a greater SWL for transfers and repositioning and the Fabric Helps absorbs moisture, efficiently taking sweat away from the skin. This is particularly effective when caring for plus-size patients.

The MySling Repositioning Sheet is safe to use when wet meaning it can be used in a variety of different situations including Mortuaries, pools, and Wet areas.

The MySling Repositioning Sheet can be spot cleaned, prolonging the life of the patient specific sheet.

The MySling Repositioning Sheet is being used more often in the hydrotherapy environments. Currently it is also being trialled for use in emergency evacuations within a major UK Hydrotherapy unit.

The MySling Repositioning Sheet is fully compatible with most brands of hoists, making it an extremely versatile product for any environment.

How to Order

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