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Silentia Screens are a patented screening system that has been designed to make your work easier in hospitals and other care situations, for the benefit of patients and staff.

Privacy & Dignity

Silentia screens are designed to give privacy and dignity in various healthcare settings. Restricting sight of the patient, particularly during consultations, and segregating genders within the ward, maintains patient dignity. Reducing the transfer of sound from behind the screen also increases patient privacy.

Infection Prevention

Hospital curtains can become contaminated from the day or hour they are put into a ward; whether MRSA, C. Diff, E. Coli, etc. these contaminants will remain in the ward, until the curtains are washed and replaced.*

Silentia screens have hard, wipeable surfaces and can be treated like any other hard surface in the ward. They can be included in the daily cleaning schedule of a ward and, as such, they reduce operating costs and the occurrence of HCAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections).

Flexible Accommodation

Silentia screens allow for flexible accommodation within wards. They are easy to install, do not interfere with overhead hoists or other equipment and cater for a constantly changing environment by separating a room without altering walls. With a wide product range including fixed, folding, floor mounted, wall mounted and mobile screens; and a broad choice of colours, Silentia screens complement many settings.