Silentia Hospital Privacy Screens

Proper Privacy And Practical Hygiene For Hospital Wards

Why Choose:

Silentia screens are designed and manufactured in Sweden. First introduced to Swedish hospitals in1990, Silentia represented a completely new and welcomed approach to patient privacy. The screens had many advantages compared to curtains, including allowing daylight into a room, being easy to clean without being removed, and preserving patient privacy without interfering with ceiling lifts and other equipment. Users also appreciated the improved acoustic privacy. Since 1990, Silentia screens have revolutionised patient privacy around the world and has become the leading alternative when it comes to flexible and practical screen solutions in hospitals and all other care environments.

Why Choose:

We provide 5 types of screens, which are available in a variety of colours, designs or you can design your own screen to show off your logo, or anything you want!

  • Mobile Folding Screens
  • Bed End Screen
  • Wall Mounted Screens
  • Shower Screens
  • Clear Screen