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Keep it Clean™ for a safer health care setting

At Silentia, we partner with health care facilities around the world to deliver a privacy screen system that offers safety and optimal patient care. Keep it CleanTM is our commitment to raising the bar for improved hygiene standards and infection prevention. Thanks to the EasyCare functions, our screens are easy to disinfect, move and combine. Our products consist of different lengths and heights, all part of a complete system that can adapt to your specific needs.

The screens have hard and smooth surfaces that withstand all disinfectants used in patient care settings today. The wheels can easily be removed and washed separately in a dishwasher. All products meet strict hygiene requirements and all surfaces are accessible for cleaning – that’s Easy Clean.

The patented hinges have a built-in memory which enables easy handling and prevention of cross infection using only one contact point:  the ergonomically designed handle.

All of our screens are equipped with the EasyClick function making mobility one click away. A wall-mounted screen can be mounted on a trolley for mobile use or to any of our system’s other components.

EasyScreenDesign is Silentia’s online configurator that helps you create the exact privacy screen you need for your patient care setting. Pick the type of screen, installation, size and design, then submit them directly to us for a free, no obligation quotation. It’s that easy.

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