Amputee Slings

Here you can view range of Amputee Slings.  We have 2 variations of our MySling Patient Specific Slings – clip and loop options.  We also distribute the SystemRomedic Ampsling throughout Ireland.

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AmputeeSling (clip)

This clip sling is designed to transfer either bilateral or unilateral amputee patients.

This style is available with or without commode aperture, for toileting needs, and is fitted and removed whilst the patient is in a lying position. Ideal for high leg amputees, providing good upper body and head support.  Suitable for lifts with clip attachments and for bilateral or unilateral amputee patients. Compatible with most leading brands of hoist.

AmputeeSling (loop)

This loop sling is intended for the transfer of either bilateral or unilateral amputee patients.

Slip fit material covers the leg sections, providing an easy fit solution from a sitting or lying position. Designed for both above and below knee amputee patients, this is a very versatile sling for rehabilitation needs. Compatible with most leading brands of hoist.

The amputee sling is from our MySling patient specific range of slings.


AmpSling is for users with high leg amputations and is designed for use in most common lifting situations.

This amputee sling is available in different materials and several sizes, all for users weighing max 300 kg/660 lbs.

Key Features included divided leg supports, smaller opening, shoulder-high back and upright seated posture.  There is a pocket at the lower edge for easier application.  The Safe Working Load is 300 kg/660 lbs.