Amputee Slings

For bilateral or unilateral amputee patients; with head support and commode aperture
For bilateral or unilateral amputee patients; with looped attachments
For in most common lifting situations, for users with high leg amputations

Amputee Slings

Lisclare’s range of Amputee Slings have been designed for use by both above and below knee amputee patients. They are available as a reusable or long lasting disposable/patient specific sling from our MySling range. 


The 3 types of Amputee Slings available from Lisclare are:-

  • MySling – compatible with loop
  • MySling – compatible with clips
  • AmpSling



The MySling range is designed to be used by one patient for the duration of their stay in hospital.  So, instead of using a new disposable sling each and every time the patient needs to be moved, they use the same sling over and over again.  This reduces the amount of money spend on slings and also reduces needless waste.  The RipStop technology used to develop the threaded mesh fabric prevents tearing or ripping when the sling is in use.  The MySling range of slings are also safe to be used when wet.  This means they can be used for showering, toileting and in hydro environments.  It means the life of the sling is also extended as it can be spot cleaned.  You can read more about the MySling range here.  Our multi-layer, stitch-bonded fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable. MySling fabric is designed to distribute the patient’s weight evenly and eliminate pressure points.  In summary, the MySling range of slings is safe for the patient, doesn’t’ compromise on comfort and reduces the amount of money spent on slings. 

“After switching from conventional disposable clip slings to MySling, our annual spend reduced from £90k to £52k per year, an annual saving of 42%.” Procurement Manager, NHS Trust Hospital, North Midlands



The AmputeeClipSling is designed to transfer either bilateral or unilateral amputee patients.  This model is suitable for lifts with clips.  It is compatible with most leading brands of hoist.



The AmputeeLoopSling is intended for the transfer of either bilateral or unilateral amputee patients.  It comes with loop attachments and is compatible with most leading brands of hoist.


AmpSling by System Romedic

AmpSling is designed for use in most common lifting situations.  It is available in different materials and several sizes, all for users weighing max 300 kg/660 lbs.


SystemRomedic is supported by Lisclare throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.