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StandingSling (clip)

The StandingSling is designed for use with patients who have a degree of weight bearing ability.

Why choose the MySling Standing (clip) sling?

The StandingSling (clip) is ideal for use with those who are rehabilitating and need to gradually build standing strength. Compatible with most leading brands of hoist. Available in clipped and looped fixings.

About the MySling Range

As long as the sling is not visibly damaged, it is safe to use indefinitely helping you make significant savings compared to disposable slings. RipStop technology makes our slings safe to use when wet and can even be spot cleaned. The fabric’s unique and strong design means that each MySling can last for the entire duration of a patient’s stay, thereby simplifying management of sling stock and reducing costs.

Options include a looped attachment or keyhole clip fixing. Both options exceed all safety and quality standards and are compatible with most of the leading hoist brands.

MySling has a safe working load of up to 500kg (78 stone)!

Laboratory testing does not always guarantee safety in the real world, which is why our disposable slings feature a threaded mesh to prevent tearing during use.



Our RipStop fabric prevents tearing or splitting caused by:

  • Snagging
  • Wrenching
  • Moisture

MySling fabric can be soaked and spot cleaned with detergents to extend the life of the sling and maintain cleanliness. However, as a disposable product, MySling is not designed to be machine washed. Should this happen, the wash indicator becomes visible indicating that the sling must not be used.

Our slings are available from Paedriatric to Plus Size sizes. Colour coded seams provide a visual aid to help identify the sling size. Also each sling has a unique serial code making it traceable.

A specific sling for each patient during their stay
Unique RipStop fabric is safe and strong to use – even when wet
Used in many NHS hospitals to reduce cross infection
Safe working load of up to 500kg
Extensive range including plus size and amputee options
Fully compatible with most brands of hoists



User Hip Width Loop Sling Size Clip Sling Size
Under 23cm (9″) Subject to assessment XXS XS
23-30cm (9-12″) XS S
33-38cm (13-15″) S M
41-46cm (16-18″) M L
48-56cm (19-22″) L XL
Over 56cm (22″) Subject to assessment XL XXL
Subject to assessment XXL -

How to order

If you are interested in purchasing this product, please get in touch using this form, or by calling us directly on 0300 303 4790 or if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland 01 633 2020

How to Order

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