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Straightforward transfers, turning and positioning of users in bed

Why choose WendyLett?

WendyLett base sheet is a satin sliding sheet available in two colours – white or grey with narrow white stripes and is available in many different sizes. The sliding takes place sideways along the direction of the stripes.

WendyLett is intended for users who have difficulties turning in bed. The smooth and silky central part enables turning with minimal effot. Sliding sideways is made easy without risk of sliding off the bed by the anti-slip material at both sides of the sheet.  The material also prevents the user from sliding down in bed.

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The WendyLett sheets are made of a mixed material fabric. Wonderful, smooth cotton provides for comfort while strong and smart polyester ensures functionality and durability. The quality of the fabric is continuously and carefully monitored with regards to strength, durability, burls, washing properties and non-inflammability.

Using WendyLett, small transfers, turning and positioning of users in bed can be performed without friction and shearing damage of the skin of the user. The sheets are made of a very fine material and can favourably be placed on top of a pressure-relieving mattress without compromising the pressure-relieving properties of the mattress. 

In order to provide the user with maximum comfort, we have also eliminated all seams across the sheets and made the joint seams of different functional materials really flat and low.

There are three different WendyLett sheets:

WendyLett – a satin sliding sheet and a base sheet

WendyLett2Way – a drawsheet for sliding sideways

WendyLett4Way – a sliding drawsheet for multi-directional sliding

The WendyLett sliding sheet is bedded in the bed like a normal sheet, with the smooth surface in the middle of the bed. For users who need more assistance, WendyLett can be combined with WendyLett2Way drawsheet or WendyLett4Way sliding drawsheet.

The colours and patterns of the fabric in the WendyLett sliding and drawsheets are designed to indicate the function of the sheet and thereby also the needs of the user. White and grey stripes and checked patterns communicate in which direction sliding is facilitated and how the sheet should be used. The design also makes the sheets easy to distinguish in the laundry.

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How to order

If you are interested in purchasing this product, please get in touch using this form, or by calling us directly on 0300 303 4790 or if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland 01 633 2020