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Showerbuddy Range

Remodelling a bathroom because of a disability can be a very expensive and disruptive process. It may not even be an option if you are renting. Now there is a solution.

Showerbuddy transfer systems fit into most existing showers or bath tubs allowing a disabled person to shower in their own bathroom again with dignity, ease and comfort. With a fraction of the cost of a remodel you can enjoy a shower the same day. Depending on the disability and the configuration of your bathroom, Showerbuddy units can be customised to fit your needs.

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Our Showerbuddy Distributors 

Access an existing shower without the need for adaptation.

The SB1 alleviates heavy lifting for family members and caregivers by eliminating multiple transfers during toileting and showering.

The SB1 shower transfer system will turn your existing bathroom into an accessible bathroom that allows you to enjoy showering again without the excessive cost, delays and stress of a full bathroom remodel. 

With only one transfer, you can once again enjoy a shower in your own bathroom.

Shower over an existing bath tub without the need for transfers or adaptations.

The SB2 bath transfer system is designed to allow a user to be safely transferred by a caregiver over a bathtub to shower without costly bathroom remodelling.

The SB2 TubBuddy eliminates unnecessary transfers between toileting and bathing making it comfortable for both user and caregiver, while reducing costs and contributing to good user hygiene.

Access an existing bath without the need for a transfer or bathroom adaptation.

The SB2t bath transfer system is also designed to allow a user to be safely transferred by a caregiver over the bath-tub, but with the addition of a tilt. The SB2t offers a significant reduction in costs, no need for costly bathroom remodelling.

SB3t Roll-in Buddy Tilt was designed to help carers shower users with greater comfort and east. It’s tilt function is great for alleviating pressure from a seated position, and provides better access during bathing.

The carer can control the tilt from either left or right hand side with an interchangeable tilt release lever. Included neck and feet rests help keep the user secure and comfortable during showering.

The Petite Buddy system converts Showerbuddy SB1, SB2 or SB3 chairs into a solution suitable for young children or small adults. 

P1 offers reduced distance between armrests, a smaller commode opening and adjustable padded back and neck rests. 

The Petite Buddy P2 is designed for larger children and slightly smaller adults who have outgrown the P1, or who are simply better suited to a more midsize option. 

The P2’s dimensions are larger than P1 but smaller than the standard Showerbuddy dimensions.

BathCheck is a bathroom accessibility calculator designed by Showerbuddy for OTs and Mobility Specialists.

Follow the step by step process to determine if it is possible to assist your client with a device rather than a full bathroom remodel.

It is no longer necessary to undertake expensive, stressful and time-consuming remodels.

Transferring people may involve a number of manual handling tasks. Showerbuddy has undertaken numerous trials and design revisions to provide a better ergonomic design and a safer solution for caregivers while also reducing the number of transfers required for the user. 

Care should be taken when transferring. Undertaking a transfer produces particular difficulties such as how to grip the person and the need to counter unpredictable movements. The degrees of assistance a person can provide, their ability to comply with the handling, the degree of pain experienced, or the presence of particular health conditions can also affect the way the transfer must be done. This handling will usually require a more detailed assessment. Professional advice, practices and guidelines should be sought prior to attempting a transfer.

Showerbuddy chairs and transfer systems have been designed for efficient infection control by avoiding any build up of body fluids or wastewater by incorporating drainage pathways within the chair frame and parts.

All models are finished in a hard, smooth powder coat finish for an easy clean surface and use sealed foam cushions, neck rest parts and arm rests for easy wipe cleaning and no porosity. Seat cushions and other foam and plastic parts are easily replaced if required during refurbishment prior to reissue to a new client.

Showerbuddy products have a metal frame made of very high strength Aluminium, grade 6061 T6, which provides a long life, trouble free and non-corosive solution with no rust or deterioration. All mechanical parts and hardware are grade 304 Stainless Steel.

Plastic parts that facilitate movement during transfer are manufactured from POM non-porous plastic and other parts in a PA grade plastic for ease of cleaning the exposed parts.

How to order

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